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    First of most welcome on This forum is totally dedicated to deep web/dark web.

    We started this forum, because lot's of people don't know what is deep web or what is dark web? they also don't know how to explore the deep web security.

    On this forum, we will discuss on all these topics. But if you already aware about the deep web then you already know privacy is a mazor issue on the deep web/ dark web.

    That's why as the forum moderator, I also want to tell you some security tips and guidelines before sign up on this forum.

    Guidelines for Every First Time Forum Readers:

    1). For signup, Always use any anonymous email service. Don't put your original information in the registration form.

    2). If possible, Use any premium VPN service for accessing the deep web links or

    3). Don't leave any vulgar comments / dirty language status on any threads.

    4). Only share your original thought about any deep websites, If you have any live experience with mention sites.

    5). Don't discuss here any @P/Teen/Gore/illegal Po*n discussion on the forum. If some thread has that type site then content only for freedom of information, We do not recommend you to explore that type sites. only read and know what type information deep web have.

    6). If you are under 18th then, leave this forum right now. because some forum threads have Ad**t contents.

    7). If you will explore any of given dark web link then you are the only one who is responsible for your activity.

    8). @P/Teen/Gore/illegal Po*n images/videos/links are not allowed here, If any member involves in these type activity then that type users accounts will be ban ASAP.

    Note: If you want to make your identity on the internet safe then follow these guidelines.

    If any member doesn't follow these rules then we will ban that type accounts.
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